Before Hajah Halimah ends her last lecture, she assigned us to make a proposal regarding to the action research. We are divided into a group of five and must complete the proposal before the next lecture.

My group members were:

1. Mohd Amin b Zakaria

2. Nazirah bt Alias

3. Masitah bt Abdullah

4. Rumaizah bt Muhamad

5. Me myself =)

As been agreed by all members, our proposal entitled "Meningkatkan Penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris Dalam Konteks Kosa Kata dan Penggunaannya Menggunakan Permainan Sahibba".

As you already know, English is still one of the major problem among the students especially those in sub-urban and rural areas. There were few steps been taken to overcome this problems, but here, we, thought that the root of the problem cames from lack of English vocabulary hence cause students hard to speak or use english as their second language after the mother tongue. Therefore, we decided to choose a game named Sahibba (Scrabble) since kids (students) love to involve in any games nowadays.

To start this, first, students will have to fill a form in which their particulars such as name, sex, current english grade, perception upon the subject and etc will be stated. They will then divided into groups of four or less depend on the students number (since maximum number person play per game were four). The rules of game is still the same as stated in the manual but in addition, each student had to record the word that he used along with the definition(s). Also, he must record words comes from the other players. At the end of the day, after the game finished, each student will be given test to determine their understanding for each words used in the game.

Data collected then analyzed. increase in students' achievement after the game determine the successfull of the research. if not, we will do the 2nd cycle with adjustment and better technique.

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